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“Ambersail-2” is a national sailing project that brings together the mastery of the most experienced Lithuanian sailors and the drive of the youth. The main purpose of the “Ambersail-2” project is to represent Lithuania in international regattas of highest rank and to nurture young national sailing talents.

The name “Ambersail-2” has a long and meaningful pre-history. In 2009 Lithuania celebrated the millennium since the first mention of its name in written records. Ambitious Lithuanian sailors decided to congratulate their country and people by circumnavigating the globe with VO60 named “Ambersail”. The journey started in 2008 and lasted 9 months. During this “Millennium odyssey” 26 Lithuanian communities in different continents were visited and all the Lithuanians were invited to celebrate this memorable event together.


When “Ambersail” reached Klaipėda on the 5th of July in 2009 all Lithuanians around the world sang Lithuanian anthem at the same time demonstrating their solidarity and love for homeland. This impressive act of unity – once in a year to sing the national anthem at the same time all over the world – became a modern Lithuanian tradition that has lasted for more than a decade now.

VO65 “Ambersail-2” takes over the name of her boat-sister with pride and responsibility. At the same time, it marks a new step in Lithuanian sailing history. It enables Lithuania to step into the highest league of world sailing, to race for national pride and to seek global aims of common good.

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