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Corporate Sailing

Ambersail-2 offers you a unique and memorable business event – a few hours, a day or a weekend of sailing on a genuine ocean racer. It is a chance for an authentic sailing adventure and powerful teambuilding experience in natural surroundings with a supervision of an experienced skipper.

From a leadership and teamwork point of view, sailing with VO65 yacht Ambersail-2 is fully comparable to running a business company or managing a huge team project. You will become an active member of the crew with a single goal of reaching a destination as fast and safe as possible. The right combination of fluent cooperation and great leadership will be inevitable. You will be taken into a world of smart navigation, thoughtful tactics, efficient course choices, sail trimming and steering.


We can also offer a more relaxed event on board of this spectacular yacht, which can become a memorable accent of your business symposium, conference and any other meeting or event.

Corporate sailing with Ambersail-2 is an unforgettable experience and an extremely efficient teambuilding platform, as well as a chance to have a glimpse into the life of professional sailors and a truly exceptional boat.

Corporate sailing program proposal (optional, all programs are flexible concerning your needs and expectations)

09:00 AM Reception with coffee

09:15 AM Inspirational introduction about „Volvo Ocean Race“ and VO 65

09:45 AM Safety briefing and technical acquaintance with the yacht

10:15 AM Exit and heading towards the sea

03:30 PM Returning to the port

04:00 PM Short day review with refreshments


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