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The first ever edition of The Ocean Race Europe began in May 2021 and ended in June in Genoa (Italy).


The race around Europe is a completely new format event - the highest level of sailing on the water, with the best international teams.


During Ocean Race Europe, crews members from all over the world raced in monotypes of the VO65 class and IMOCA 60s class boats. The race began with a Prologue, which took place in early May in Klaipeda, stretched across the Baltic Sea, and later along the coasts of North Atlantic Europe to the Mediterranean.


Ocean Race Europe had a very special mission - pursued global sustainability goals by making great efforts to involve European citizens and raising their environmental awareness, collecting water samples during the competition, which were later tested in laboratories to raise awareness of our marine pollution. You can find out more it here:


The Ocean Race Europe was held for the first time and can be seen as part of the preparations for The Ocean Race around the world. It’s launch is currently scheduled for January 2023.

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